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You will quickly be able to tell that Bridget is here to care of you. We were PCS-ing from Virginia when we started looking for a home, so I flew into town while my husband was in training to start the process. Bridget picked my dog and I up from the airport, took us out to lunch, and then we went to look at homes she had lined up ahead of time. All the homes were within our criteria and even showed me other parts of town to consider. She made sure to get a feel for what we were interested in as buyers and any needs we had so she could make recommendations for us. I can not recommend Bridget enough as a realtor. We were blessed to have her!

—Molly K
The K Family

Bridget did the unheard of. When we found a home we really liked that was a little above our budget, she suggested we reduce our home search purchase price by $200,000 to keep a more comfortable monthly payment. We have worked with agents in the past who seemed to only have money-signs in their eyes, thinking of their own commission. Bridget truly had OUR best interest in mind rather than her own. We assured her that this price point was where we wanted to be, and it was our dream home. She listened, and ended up negotiating the purchase price down for us. We were not the highest offer, but the Seller decided to pick us as the winning offer. The Seller said this was due to our personal letter we wrote, which was Bridget’s suggestion. I think Bridget’s people-skills and likability went a long way too. She took care of us through the whole transaction, making it a smooth experience with a rewarding outcome!

—John A
family holding sold sign
The J Family

Bridget scored me an off-market investment property for an incredible deal, which is giving me the best return I have in my portfolio. She has a great pulse on the market and knows her stuff! Bridget understands the investment side of real estate and isn’t afraid to tell me when she thinks I should back out of a deal. We have gone under contract a few times where the inspection came back gnarly, and she encouraged me to walk. She truly takes her clients’ best interest into account and has my trust, which is why I send all my friends and loved ones her way.

—Michael B
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Jonathan K

Bridget made the process of buying our first home so seamless and unexpectedly fun! She was able to negotiate a fantastic deal for us in a time when the market was extremely chaotic. We got our home for under asking price, which was unheard of at the time. The home buying process is typically full of stress and unknowns, but Bridget set realistic expectations for us and gave us a great experience!

—Karley M
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The M Family

Bridget is my agent for all of my investment properties. She seems to drop everything and show me homes whenever I need her. She is always sending good deals my way and will go tour them/send me videos when I am out of town for work. She is quick to find answers for me, and communicates with such transparency which is what I value the most about her as an agent. Bridget is good at finding solutions, but also knows when a deal doesn’t make sense. She is my go-to agent, and even works as a sounding board when I call her about deals out of state.

—Anthony C
man and woman holding sold sign
Shane C

Bridget was an excellent realtor to work with through our home buying process. It was clear from the very beginning that she has our best interests in mind. She was always honest and professional with all parties involved! Bridget was extremely accessible and responded to us promptly no matter the time or day of week. She made sure we were well informed at all times throughout the process. As we were still living across the country while searching for a home, it also helped that Bridget was a local and extremely knowledgeable about the area we were looking at.

—Brad K
man and woman holding sold sign
Andrew D
couple holding sold sign
The M Family

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